On Joao Gilberto and Caetano Veloso
in Buenos Aires, March 1999

Pablo Avelluto <pabloa@ciudad.com.ar >

part one

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Dear friends,

It is 3am at home. I have just arrived home. I am looking after words that can express my feelings. It won't be easy. What have I listened tonight? What was that? Caetano played as he was introduced by Joao: as "the greatest brazilian artist of our time". He made music. Where Caetano ended, Joao began.

At 10 o'clock I arrived to the theater. At 10.30 the lights went down. Caetano Veloso, dressed with a grey suit came on the stage where there were just two chairs. The theater was full. I looked to the faces of the crowd and it seemed there were more caetanists than gilbertists.

Of course, it all began with Pra ninguem. And at the first time he sang "melhor do que o silencio so Joao" a lot of clapping hands were on the air.

Caetano, alone with his guitar followed with Manhata, Livro, O leaozinho, and two boleros from the Fina Estampa cycle: Lamento borincano and Vete de mí. Also Trilhos urbanos. He thanked Joao the invitation and each song was sounding better. The dream came true when he began to play Coraçao vagabundo. He repeated twice the verse. After that he played for some seconds only a cadenza on the guitar. Silence. Joao Gilberto came in. And began to play and sing. Then we all knew who was the pupil and who was the teacher. The same song. Together. Caetano then said: I am who I am completely because of Joao Gilberto. The emotion. When he left the art of Joao began.

It will be continued...
(I have a lot more to write on this)

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